Sue Schell

VP | Senior Account Director

26 years in advertising · 8 1/2 years at Eicoff
Lives in La Grange · Born in Western Springs
Loyola University of Chicago

Career Highlights

Sue combines experience within the hallowed halls of Eicoff with time served in the media sales field, where she learned that being pragmatic and not varnishing the truth would serve her well. Sue returned to Eicoff after a very successful two decades in media sales because she found there was a direct correlation between what Eicoff has always done and what every marketing manager out there is looking to do for their business. She says, with predictable pragmatism and lack of varnish, “I wanted to be a part of that.”

What most people don’t know about DRTV

It is more popular and effective today than it has ever been. It’s the perfect scenario for merging the broad reach and scalability of TV with the measurability of digital.

The most important thing clients should know about Eicoff

Branding and selling are not mutually exclusive.

On the future of Direct Response Television

The sky is the limit for DRTV. Marketers are demanding a culture of accountability, and DRTV is more agile than ever, taking advantage of technology like programmatic, addressable and interactive TV spaces. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

The best thing a client has ever said to you

Thank You (and meant it.)

When you’re not at work, you’re probably doing what?

Playing Mom.

Sox or Cubs?

Not sure I understand the question – you mean there’s another professional baseball team in Chicago other than the Cubs?