Wai-Man Leung


20 years in advertising · 1 year at Eicoff
Lives in Chicago · Born in Kowloon (Hong Kong)

Career Highlights

After twenty years in New York as Ogilvy and JWT's financial go-to guy for clients like IBM, SAP, AMEX and other equally impressive non-acronymic clients, Wai-Man has developed the bulletproof veneer that qualifies him for the minute-to-minute accountability of DRTV. Additionally, his facility with numbers and big-picture perspective make him a credible threat in the cutthroat world of Eicoff fantasy sports.

Notable Success

In the big agency world of "if you don't come in Saturday, don't bother coming in Sunday" I managed to find time get married and help raise four children.

The best thing a client has ever said to you

I'm paying cash. Up front.

When it's winter in Chicago...

I'm working towards a continuing education degree with an emphasis in fantasy football and survivor pools.

Favorite vacation destination

Disneyland with the family. Vegas without.

Nostalgic Television Memory

"…little roller up along first...behind the bag! IT GETS THROUGH BUCKNER! HERE COMES KNIGHT, AND THE METS WIN IT!"

Sox or Cubs?

See above.