Beth Johnson

VP | Associate Media Group Director

Born in Decatur • Lives in Milwaukee • Loyola University Chicago

“It’s rewarding to see more and more multicultural talent and targeting in advertising. It reflects our society and says a lot about the value we place on diversity.”

In 2007, Beth launched a Spanish language DRTV media practice at Eicoff. It was a first for Eicoff, and it was among the first of its kind in the DRTV industry. Beth was doing multicultural before it was cool to do multicultural. It's grown every year since, through dedicated new clients, and from existing clients recognizing the value of this effort.

"Digital hasn't changed things all that much. It's still all about measurable results and the impact on sales. Our DRTV campaigns drive response online as well as on the phone. The Spanish language audience isn't any different in responding, however targeting and marketing approaches are unique versus general market."

Beth enjoys the zoo and the art museum with her husband and daughter, in Milwaukee. It's a bit of a commute, but worth it to live in the city of fests. She's about to complete her 300th kickboxing class, so it's advisable not to sneak up on her.