Bill McCabe

President | CEO

Born in Chicago Heights • Lives in Glenview • University of Illinois

“The most exciting evolution in advertising is the ability to target consumers with an array of TV/video tools: linear, addressable, VOD, streaming, and OTT, among others. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to serve video content is growing, not declining.”

When Bill stepped in to run the agency, in the midst of one of the biggest industry upheavals since the introduction of the television, he knew the only way to stay relevant was to evolve. And fast. Recognizing the inherent value of the agency's core principles - client-focused, results-driven, people-powered - he set the bar high. Today, Eicoff is thriving, having established itself as the agency at the intersection of television and digital.

"I think we can put the whole "TV is dead" thing to rest. If someone would have told Al Eicoff 50 years ago that nearly every person watching his commercial would have a response device in their hands – he would have fainted."

A loyal Sox fan in a sea of Cubby blue, Bill will never compromise his South Side roots. Among the many jobs Bill had growing up, he claims the title for the only advertising CEO that ever worked in a steel mill.