Bill McCabe

President | CEO

27 years in advertising · 25 years at Eicoff
Lives in Glenview IL · Born in Flossmoor IL
University of Illinois

Career Highlights
Bill began his career in the Eicoff media department, learning the ins and outs of negotiating, results optimization, etc. When Bill's path led him to client service, the media department stopped inviting him to their happy hours. Except for a two-year stint at an agency whose name we shall not speak (a move he has yet to live down) Bill has played a key role in building the agency into the leader it is today – bringing in powerhouse clients, embracing innovation, and sticking to core values.

Key Challenge
Keeping the momentum going in a "what have you done for me lately" industry.

Why I've been at Eicoff so long?
We’re the best at what we do. (Okay, I’m competitive.)

The best thing a client has ever said to me
Your fly is open.

The future of DRTV
Technology is only going to increase the number of companies that will be able to use TV to drive sales.

No. 1 Chicago restaurant
Billy Goat

Sox or Cubs
Despite current North Side fascination...Sox all the way.