Delia Marshall

Chief Operating Officer

Born in Evanston • Lives in Oak Park • Marquette University

“The transition from a TV and phone call business to an internet-driven advertising model was smoother than anyone would have guessed. It became easier for marketers to target key prospects, and for consumers to engage with the brand.”

Delia's contagious enthusiasm and relentless efforts on her clients' behalf are earmarks of her tenure at Eicoff. She likens every new client to getting a new job, an opportunity to learn about another industry, build new relationships, embark on a new journey. Delia takes great pride in, and places great value on, the fact that there is very little turnover, because of the continuity it provides for clients. "There are situations where the agency team has more history on the brand than the client!"

"In the not too distant future we'll be engaging with consumers on a one-to-one basis. That relationship will redefine how we market. The possibilities are exciting!"

If being immersed in content all day at work wasn't enough, when Delia isn't cruise-directing life for her two young boys and husband, she's plowing through her long list of must-see shows. It's like a second job. That you can do in sweats from the couch.