Delia Marshall

VP | Management Supervisor

16 years in advertising · 10 years at Eicoff
Lives in Oak Park, IL · Born in Evanston, IL
Marquette University

Career Highlights
After a few years in publishing and a couple stints at other Chicago agencies, Delia joined the Eicoff team and hit the ground running, as they say. Soon, with leadership from Delia, some of the agency’s key clients had grown DRTV into the most significant channel in their marketing mix. And she still found time to become a go-to resource for the best client dinner recos.

The most important thing clients should know about Eicoff
Unlike most agencies, there is very little turnover here. What that means for clients is continuity on their business. There are situations where the agency people actually have more history than the client does. That’s invaluable.

What most people don't know about DRTV
DRTV doesn't operate in a vacuum; it improves the performance of other direct channels – agents' sales, direct mail, online, print, search. And we have the case study to prove it.

When it's winter in Chicago I ...
Wish I had more lawn furniture to save parking spots.

Nostalgic television memory
Beverly Hills 90210, the high school years, when Brenda & Dylan were still together. Sigh.

When I'm not at work, I'm probably
Trying out new Chicago restaurants. Or knitting. But never at the same time.