Smart Data Breeds Performance

Data is plentiful, to say the least. The key is to get beyond data capture, and develop strategies to turn overabundant data into smart data. To ingest, interpret, and produce insights from the most meaningful and actionable data points. By strategically linking our extensive media expertise with our EiQ digital marketing analytics platform, Eicoff has crafted a framework for success.

What’s our process?

Every day, we receive files from clients, vendors, call centers, web platforms, and more. Our marketing analytics team ingests raw data from the front end, such as calls and web hits, and looks down the funnel to conversion – appointments, sales, whatever the appropriate metric happens to be.  Working with the media team, this data drives optimization on the best creative concepts, spot lengths, dayparts, and stations to deliver the perfect mix to achieve campaign goals and thus turns into smart data.  Need to optimize sales in a certain age range? We know the lever to pull. What about the things that can’t be immediately measured? A brand campaign, or a Direct Response spot driving to the web rather than a unique phone number? That’s where our proprietary attribution methodology comes in to play by giving smart data to work with.

At Eicoff, analytics is a process, not a conclusion. Using Tableau Software, our marketing analytics team can produce live, customizable dashboards that capture all media and is available 24/7 for clients to dig into their own data. At Eicoff, we believe your data is just that: your data. Our analysts provide performance management alongside the data that informed those decisions and filter raw data into smart data. Analytics provides insights into qualitative data and quantitative data. Here are a few examples:

  1. Identify top pages that are traffic drivers and generate content ideas or republish popular content.

  2. How well people are able to convert vs what pages see a high bounce rate along the conversion path.

  3. A high bounce rate could be a result of site load speed which can deter traffic and adversely impact search ranking.

Media analytics goes well beyond the numbers. At Eicoff, we curate actionable performance insights to get your media running in the most effective and efficient placements. We identify trends and insights to inform creative messaging that resonates with the audience and drives results. Media and analytics, working together, is the integrated approach that will deliver expedited decision making, smart data, improved optimization proficiency, and broader business analysis. Wondering what we could learn from your data? Let’s be curious together.