The Message Matters

David Ogilvy famously said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” This isn’t to say the objective of all advertising is to unapologetically sell. But if sales is the goal, then the message should, well…sell.

 Eicoff wholeheartedly subscribes to this mission. Built on a tradition of direct response copywriting, our creative output has evolved to generate response wherever video is consumed. It’s designed to solve business challenges by educating, demonstrating, informing and selling. Sometimes our work is the only thing a client puts on the air. Sometimes our work complements a more traditional brand campaign. But it’s always created with one goal in mind: to measurably drive ROI.

 Eicoff Best Practices

Engagement.  This is simply an immediately relatable opening that clearly tells the viewer “this is for you.” It may seem simple. It’s not. The insight that drives engagement can be elusive, it’s something that always takes some digging to uncover. It’s often derived from data, from successes in social, digital, direct mail, consumer/brand interaction. We live by Data-Inspired Creative.

Establish The Proposition. If halfway through the message your audience is still wondering what you're talking about, you're toast. This is where the value of direct response copywriting stands out. Instead of building to a big reveal, as is the case with most branding ads, a well-constructed selling message clearly presents your brand's proposition at the outset.

Build Value. Your potential customer starts as simply a viewer. Don't assume that they'll see the inherent value in what you're offering. From the very first second, begin to build value so that, when you ask them to take action, you've made it worth their while.

Calls To Action.  In a commercial that’s intended to sell, it’s important to ask for the sale. Without apologies. Ask for the viewer to take action, and not just once. Provide clear direction, support it with visuals, and do so more than once.

 These direct response principles form the foundation of our creative approach, from copywriting to design to production. We call it StorySelling. Let us conduct a StorySelling audit for your brand - it’s a great place to begin a discussion about the objectives of your marketing efforts, and how to deliver against them. Because the message matters.

Our Work