A very merry media mix

By: Rob Schmidt

It’s October, and our attention turns to the scary season of… holiday retail. And while most of the heavy lifting may already have been done for your holiday media plan, it’s a good idea to step back and take another look at your media mix.

Here are two important questions to ask:

1. Is my media timed to create the greatest impact? 

You no doubt have the basics down about your primary consumer target – gender, age range, household income, and even where they do their research. And that is all vital information. However, here’s something else consider: Beyond who they are and where they are, think about when is the best time to connect with my target.

The reality is that consumers act differently during the holidays. They shop for gifts at different times based on what they’re buying and for whom they are buying it. (source: Google Trends).

A look at search trends reveals a peak in shoppers seeking deals around Thanksgiving. Categories like toys and electronics are highly dependent on this time period. Products that people wait to purchase – like jewelry – may be better off planning for that procrastinating consumer.

They call it the Holidaze for a reason. Targeting "when" you can make the most impact with your consumer makes a huge difference.

2. Do I have the right media mix to rise above the holiday noise?

If you’re relying purely on digital and social media to reach your consumer, this could be the time to pull out the heavy artillery of television.

Television continues to deliver terrific results for brands big, small, old and new. Adweek recently ran an article highlighting the importance of TV to tech start-ups like Uber, Jet, and Fitbit (“Why Tech Rebels Like Uber, Jet, and Fitbit are embracing Traditional Advertising” September 21, 2015).  With a short window of time to meet investors’ goals, TV helped bring them to the next level.  Whether you are a rising tech star, an ecommerce player, or a product sold at retail, the holiday season is a race against the clock as well. No medium can match the immediate scale of TV.

And while Q4 may be peak season for demand, there are plenty of cost efficient ways to approach your buy. Inventory is out there – more than you might expect - and a smart agency partner can develop a buying approach to meet your goals. Experienced buyers can take advantage of scatter and hybrid opportunities to maximize your budget.

You may have already made your holiday media list, but as Santa would say, “Check it twice.” Leveraging the power of TV, especially during high-demand periods, can give you a strong presence to lift all marketing channels.  It’s not too late to add television to support your marketing efforts and help make this holiday a very merry one.

For more information about how television can help your holiday marketing, call Eicoff's Sue Schell at 312.396.0322 or visit our contact page.