Clutterfest 2014: TV Commercials Per Hour Keep Growing


Y’know that feeling you get in theatres when they show 16 previews in a row? Restless everything syndrome? You’re probably feeling it during your favorite programs.

You’re not alone. According to Nielsen, the time allotted for TV commercials is on the rise.

And not just more time, more 15-second spots. In 2009, 15-second spots accounted for 35% of all ads on TV. In 2013, they’re on 44% of the time.

So how does a client cut through a messy little pod of 5, 6 or even 8 commercials? One way is longer spots: one and two-minute commercials. Something Direct Response TV (DRTV) does very well.

Do the math. A two-minute spot takes up a whole lot more real estate. Fewer commercials mean your spot has a far better chance of standing out. A two-minute spot might even own the entire commercial break.

Not to mention the benefits of longer format spots – compelling presentation of your product or service, more information and detail, and the ability to measure calls, orders or visits to your website.

An efficiently produced, smartly placed two-minute spot can break through the clutter and add some serious muscle to your marketing mix.

Gary Lande is VP/Creative Director at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.