Digital Video Ads: Different Goals Mean Different Tactics

Earlier this year, Twitter launched Amplify. This clever little program enables TV networks to extend their live broadcasts onto Twitter, with targeted, real-time, in-Tweet video clips from the shows people are watching. And just like TV, these clips include 3-7 seconds of pre-roll advertising.

Twitter’s Amplify program is gaining traction with advertisers. In recent weeks, Twitter has announced major network partnerships–like CBS, Viacom and BBC Global News. 

For brands looking to create Awareness, running a few seconds of pre-roll is a smart idea, especially for mobile customers. A recent eMarketer article entitled, Video Advertising Beyond the Top of the Funnel, stated, “when marketers determine their goals for digital video advertising, top-of-the-funnel awareness is almost always their main focus.” In fact, Awareness topped the list for 94.6% of respondents.

Consequently, brands are placing Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation much further down their list of online video marketing objectives. This leads the author to counter, “Digital video ads can be for more than just Awareness.”

True, but here’s the thing, moving down the list from Awareness to Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation isn’t as simple as shifting priorities. It requires shifting tactics. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with 3-7 seconds of pre-roll.

It’s about integration. By creating longer spots (and by that I mean over 30 seconds, which wouldn’t be a fit for Twitter, but it would be in plenty of other media outlets like YouTube or news sites), and fueling them with a clear call to action (via text, website, phone, etc.) advertisers can leverage and complement their Twitter pre-roll Awareness efforts to generate leads and land customers.

Being able to test and track the direct response to a particular spot is another advantage. Video metrics is part of the future of advertising and where ROI advertisers are headed.

Creating Awareness is an essential brand strategy, and executing it through Twitter is an excellent tactic. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think bigger. By adding focus to Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation via longer length spots, online videos can make a serious impact your bottom line.