DRTV and Cloud Technology: The Sky’s the Limit

It was a couple years ago that the phrase Cloud computing started showing up on your radar. Now it’s probably a daily occurrence. To IT professionals, “cloud” is a word that creates buzz unlike any other. Cloud technology can offer an ideal model to build a scalable platform, hosted on a large-scale, multi-tenant hardware solution. Oh, wait, not everyone talks IT. Suffice it to say: the cloud rocks.

In 1956, IBM introduced the hard disk to the world at a size of two refrigerators and weighing almost one ton. Today we can store almost 64 gigabytes of data on a camera SD card. The evolution of technology has had an enormous impact on the accessibility of DVR recordings which has significantly impacted the DRTV market. With on-demand cable and online programming, the combination of DRTV and cloud computing has enabled a :30 or :60 spot to be virtually hosted anywhere at anytime in a person's busy lifestyle.

With flexibility, cost efficiency and even environmental friendliness, there's no denying cloud technology is here to stay. But it's just the beginning. Television and Internet merging into one is not too far-fetched. With the introduction of SmartTVs last year, the growing penetration of internet-enabled TVs is about to give rise to Smart DRTV. After all, what better way to get immediate response and data than through an ad that lets you click directly through to a site where you can request a brochure, download a recipe or even buy a product just by clicking on it? Technology to quantify results is evolving, and in the not too distant future DRTV clients will be able to reach consumers with a “traditional/internet” DRTV combination leveraging cloud technology.

The scalability of cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we interact, react, immerse and participate in any program we watch. So the next time you’re streaming a video, or watching Dancing With the Stars on your DVR – hit pause, then pause for a moment and think about the impact of the cloud. 

Sajed Khan is the Chief Technology Officer at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.