DRTV and the Demise of Google TV

It was with some sadness the other day that I read the article below regarding the demise of Google TV. Sad because there are some really great people there at Google that tried to make this work. Intentions were good and the energy was never lacking (Full disclosure: Eicoff was one of Google's primary agency consultants when developing Google TV. We helped them build it). 

I have to say that while I was sad, I was not surprised.

The demise of Google TV is one more example of whoever controls the content is king. Google TV eventually evolved to become a re-seller of media time for Dish Network, NBC and other niche cables. The perceived value of Google TV's auction/analytic model wasn't nearly high enough for agencies and clients to justify paying a higher rate than they could obtain directly from the station itself.

It became apparent early on that unless Google got into the content business (which they did, to a degree, purchasing You Tube about the same time), they were going to have to rely on others to provide the content. I would suggest that at this point the model was doomed.

I have many friends in the media sales side of the business. And while many of them have had a few tough years, I constantly remind them that while ratings may be lower, they still control a vast number of eyeballs that can't be reached in any other fashion.

Google TV -- a reminder that the integration of technology and television will be an evolution, not a revolution.

Google TV article: "Google Folding Its Google TV Ads Effort."

Bill McCabe is the President/CEO at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.