Direct Response TeleVISION

Recently, there have been some questions floating around our Media Department:

“Can you get me tickets to the Hawks game?”

“Did I really do that at the Cable Days party?”

“What does the fox say?”

But there is one question in particular I’d like to address:

“What will the Media Buyer of the future look like?”

Now I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but when you’ve been placing media for a company like Eicoff—a leader in DRTV for over fifty years—you get a good sense of how things are trending.

We all know Broadcast and Digital are converging. It’s a road we’re traveling on and it has all the wild twists and turns of a Miley Cyrus twerk—and just about the same staying power. Channels that are here today could be gone tomorrow, and new ones are popping up every day. It’s the job of the Media Buyer to stay on top of them all, so a Future Media Buyer will need to be quick.

It’s also a road being navigated by many different vehicles. Will content viewers be cruising along on their computer or their digital television? What about their tablet or smart phone? Tomorrow, people might be operating something we haven’t even heard about yet like solar video-pants. Therefore it goes without saying, a Future Media Buyer will need to be versatile.

And lastly, this road we’re now driving on is still paved and maintained by people—real people with real thoughts and feelings and real things to say over dinner or drinks. One of the most important roles of a Media Buyer is to have a relationship with vendors. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. So with that being said, a Future Media Buyer will benefit by having a winning personality.

Wait a minute. Quick, versatile, personable. That sounds a lot like… us!

When a new cable network gets on the air, Eicoff tests it immediately.

Historically, our Media Group was among the first to embrace 800#s, cable television and satellite.

And do we have personality? Care to see these Cable Days pics again?

Margaret Firalio is SVP/Associate Media Director at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.