Eicoff’s “Can Do” Volunteers Find Their Green Thumbs At City Farm

Amongst the tall buildings, busy streets and sweltering summer sun, Eicoff’s “Can Do” Volunteer Corps got their green on with a day of service at City Farm. The urban-farming initiative transforms vacant land into productive farmland, which translates into jobs, green space and fresh produce for the city.

City Farm is also a place of education. After a brief tour, we were awed by the capabilities of the one-acre farm. Then it was time to get our hands dirty. Eicoff’s Volunteer Corps members showed off their signature “Can Do” spirit by weeding and pruning rows of vegetables.

Chicago’s motto is Urbs in Horto, or “City in a Garden.”  We were very proud to help City Farm’s efforts to create lush, sustainable gardens in a city, and look forward to partnering with City Farm in the future.