How to Grow Your Business with DRTV Advertising

Whether your business is just starting out or is already well-established, advertising with Direct Response Television (DRTV) can be a smart way to grow your brand. From travel to finance to online retail, there are many industries that can benefit from using DRTV.

DRTV advertising provides the ability to bring your message to a large amount of customers and directly invite them to take action. It also enables you to measure the success of each ad based on response. It’s as close as you’re going to get to receiving instant gratification in advertising.

Of course, not all DRTV is created equally. There are distinct tactics you can use when putting together a DRTV campaign in order to have a significant impact on the growth of your business. Here are some of our top suggestions.

Define Clear Objectives. Pinpoint your specific objectives for the DRTV advertisement. Do you want to drive customers online to your website where you can obtain more information and build your customer database? Are you looking to increase awareness and obtain donations for an important cause? Do you want to generate sales of your product or service?

When you’re clear on the objectives and end goal of the DRTV campaign, it will be focused and much more likely to produce the desired results.

Demonstrate Value. In order to grab the attention of viewers, DRTV needs to demonstrate the value of the product or service. How will it help them? How will their lives be improved if they purchase this product? If they aren’t convinced they need the product in the first place, what sets yours apart from others on the market won’t make much of a difference.

Also, adding too much fluff and entertainment, without selling benefits, may interest viewers enough to watch, but won’t get them to take the desired action. And persuading viewers to do something is the entire goal of DRTV. 

Strong Call-to-Action. A call-to-action is a key component of any powerful and effective DRTV commercial. No matter how creative and enticing a DRTV ad may be, if there isn’t a strong call-to-action, response will suffer. The call-to-action should clearly guide the viewer on what action she should take.  It can help to include a special offer, a sense of urgency or a tangible item like a free information kit. Without these elements, you’ll end up with a weak call-to-action and a poor response.

Create and Foster Communication. Be sure to have a way to obtain contact information for those who respond to the DRTV ad. The information requested should be quick and convenient for people to provide, such as an email address. If you’re selling a product or service, this will be extremely important since not everyone who makes the call or visits your website will make a purchase – though that is the ideal scenario and what your ad should try to accomplish.

Having a way to contact prospective customers enables you to keep in touch, informing them about business updates and new offers, until they are ready to do business with you. This ongoing communication is an important key to growing your business over time.

A well-crafted DRTV commercial that includes these elements can greatly impact the growth of your business by establishing a strong customer base, driving sales, and building brand awareness.

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