It Pays To Be Direct

In a time where consumers are constantly demanding video content yet some can’t wait to click the “skip ad” button after a few seconds online, we find it quite exciting to know that TV advertising is heading in the opposite direction.  According to the announcement we made today, industry research and our own personal accounts have shown since 2007, spend against two-minute commercials on TV has doubled. 

Why the increase?  The reason is quite simple, it works!  One might say that it’s because CMO’s are being held more accountable or the industry is realizing that not only can you build your brand with DRTV, but you are likely to get a stronger response with longer length.  You would think that response rates would double from a :60 to a :120 –  twice the time means twice the response at best right?   When done correctly - and there’s a need for two minutes to tell a story and engage the audience - then response is indeed significantly higher.  The more time spent explaining the benefits of a product or service to a consumer audience, the more time to capture the call-to-action…and less time for other advertisers during the commercial break.

You can learn much more on the data behind these claims and how consumers are responding to TV offers in today’s announcement