Let your graphics do the talking

Over 30,000 years ago, cavemen communicated through charcoal paintings on stone walls.  In Medieval times, churches told biblical stories through stained glass. Today, we teach our kids how to say dog and cat with the help of illustrations. We put up traffic signs to bring order to our streets. And in our social media world, we punctuate our posts with cute, little emoji’s to convey exactly what we’re feeling.

Visual communication plays a major role in our lives. And as television advertisers, we know its importance more than anyone. The right visuals are critical to our success. So in our hunt for the most powerful ways to generate a response from a TV commercial, we’ve found that all-graphic spots can be a wise way to go.                                                                                         

Here are 5 reasons that an all-graphic spot can be a real difference maker in your marketing mix.

1)  They can highlight your brand’s identity. Graphics are a great way to showcase a brand’s colors, make interesting use of its logo and bring out its personality. Whether you’re big & bold or sweet & simple, you can express your brand's character easily with a matching graphic look. Apple’s famous iPod campaign is a perfect example of how a brand’s character can shine in an all-graphic approach.

2)  They can help tell a difficult story. Many subject matters we advertise are not easy to understand. From complicated financial products to serious health-related ones, certain products and companies can benefit from the simplicity of an all graphic commercial.

For example, this Eicoff-produced spot for Neogyn took a very personal and hard-to-discuss subject matter and made it more approachable.

3)  They’re extremely adaptable. From a production standpoint, an all-graphic spot is inherently easy to change. Swap out an offer. Switch your target from men to women. Make it local. The flexibility of graphics enables you to test different messages without starting from scratch.

And if you want to bring your TV spot into other media – social, online or mobile – that’s easy, too. Simple graphic spots can allow you to generate more content for more places - faster

4)  They communicate without distraction. We’ve all seen commercials where the action overshadows the message. It could be the surrounding environment, the activity that’s happening or even the look of the actors. In these cases, the message can get lost. An all-graphic spot can help focus your attention on one thing and one thing only.

Delia Marshall, VP, Management Supervisor at Eicoff, says, “Eicoff has had graphic spots beat others with lifestyle footage by as much 30% in Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale.”

5)  They can break through the clutter. When evaluating your television commercial, you should picture it sitting in a sea of other ads – each competing for the viewer’s attention. A distinct graphic approach can help separate you from the crowd.

In this Amdro FireStrike TV commercial, Eicoff used animation and graphics to stand out visually while demonstrating with clarity the unique killing technique of this fire-ant product. A double win.

There’s definitely an art to creating an effective all-graphic television commercial. At Eicoff, we’ve had terrific results working in this world. We consider it one of the many great ways to tell a brand or product story. So if you’ve got a message that needs to be heard, consider a graphic approach. After all, it’s been a successful form of communication for a very long time. Just ask the cavemen.