(My) Mother Knows Best: TV Still Dominates Online In Senior Market

Marketers see digital as the Holy Grail these days. A better way to reach the 65+ market than that old-fashioned contraption, the television.

My Mom begs to differ.

She loves to watch television. (Even though I’m in Media, she thinks every DRTV spot we place was written, shot and produced by me. “I saw ‘your spot’,” she says.) 

So there you have it. Proof positive TV is the way to go.

Okay, so it may not be conclusive, but I do have a few facts to support it as well.

In a recent eMarketer report, “Seniors Still Lukewarm on Web Activity,” TV is still the medium that matters most.

Sure, seniors are active and engaged and use the Internet. But according to the report, although many of them have cell phones, comparatively few have smartphones. Ditto their involvement with social media.

But in 4th quarter 2012, seniors averaged almost 221 hours per month watching traditional TV, about 40% more than the total population average.

And according to SpotGenie Partners, they predict TV will continue to dominate the advertising media mix for years to come. “Television and television advertising are not only surviving in the new media age, they are thriving.”

The cherry on top? Growth in online ad spending won’t come at the expense of television. “In fact,” the report explains, “TV is the one medium that complements social media…TV impresses and motivates its audience and ensures brand recall. It remains the medium of choice to influence consumers and drive purchasing decisions.”

I love good quotes almost as much as I love my Mom.

So what’s the lesson here? The senior age group is now, for the first time, the largest in terms of percent of population in the US. And it continues to grow. More people were 65 and over in 2010 than in any previous census.

Direct Response TV is still the most cost-efficient, compelling and motivating way to reach them. Two-minute spots are an ideal way to build your brand and explain or demonstrate your product or service. Seniors insist on lots of information before they make a decision; DRTV gives you the time to do that.

Coupled with that, of course, is buying the right stations at the right times. A spot targeted to the right people is an ideal, cost-effective formula for generating interest and response.

There’s a big world of 65+ seniors out there. They’re watching TV – lots of it. They crave information before making a purchase decision. DRTV is still the best way to reach and influence them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Mom wants to ask about one of “my” commercials that I wrote, shot and produced.

C’mon, if she wants to think that, who am I to argue?