MyWebGrocer Partners with A. Eicoff & Company to Expand CLR Customer Reach through Digital Advertising

Applying DRTV Advertising Best Practices to Online Ads Produced 67% More Consumer Trials

Chicago, IL-- (PRWEB-April 25, 2012) - MyWebGrocer, the leading provider of digital grocery solutions has partnered with direct response TV (DRTV) leader, A. Eicoff & Company, to pilot a new digital advertising campaign for Jelmar’s CLR line of cleaning products. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of CLR in the digital world and reach online consumers at the point of decision - as they are interacting with web-based grocery planning and shopping tools.

“We have already experienced the benefits of DRTV advertising for a number of years,” said Alison Gutterman, president of Jelmar, LLC. “The pilot program will allow us to extend our already successful campaigns to the web through MyWebGrocer’s platform and provides the opportunity to connect with even more consumers as they are planning purchases. The program allows us to maximize the impact of our overall advertising campaigns through multiple online channels.”

MyWebGrocer placed the CLR advertisements, created by Eicoff, on their network of 114 national grocery sites dedicated to online shopping and planning. This network reaches 6.4 million unique visitors, the largest digital grocery audience in the country. The initial CLR campaign ran in early 2011 and drove a 14% lift in new consumers who saw the ad. In an effort to replicate this success, Eicoff and MyWebGrocer partnered for a second campaign in fall of 2011. The campaign significantly built upon the success of the first phase, providing a 67% lift in new consumer trials. Both campaigns were successful in attracting new shoppers who had previously been purchasing competitor’s products.

“The Jelmar CLR ad campaign was designed to communicate brand benefits, drive purchase intent and strengthen online category share while increasing brand loyalty for CLR in the digital space,” said Dan Vanchieri, Senior Vice President National Sales from MyWebGrocer. “This was accomplished by placing the CLR ads at the point of decision, in online environments that already had an active consumer audience.”

“With consumer attention divided among multiple screens today, companies are recognizing the benefits of developing more engaging, actionable ads using multiple environments,” said Bill McCabe, CEO of A. Eicoff & Company. “Working with MyWebGrocer to extend Jelmar’s CLR ad campaign to new audiences online has proven that DRTV campaigns are effective across any medium.”

MyWebGrocer can provide a Total Shopper Analysis to its advertisers, which is a test measuring the difference between consumers who had seen the advertisement and those who had not. This research approach has been reviewed by the Advertising Research Foundation and according to ARF “Independent review of that procedure has found that it delivers valid measurement.”

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Jelmar provides leading household cleaning products, including the nationally-recognized CLR and Tarn-X brands, to consumers globally. The family-owned business, which was started more than 50 years ago, distributes its products throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. In addition to the core CLR and Tarn-x products, Jelmar develops other innovative cleaning solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor furniture, silver, brass and more. For more information, visit

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Eicoff is the largest direct response television (DRTV) agency in the country. The company was founded in 1959 by Alvin Eicoff, who understood that television had the ability to function as a store and that media rates were a negotiable commodity. The phrase “or your money back” was coined by Alvin, and the 800 number came into being, in part, because of his vision and direction for the television advertising industry. In 1982, A. Eicoff & Company became a division of Ogilvy & Mather. For more information, visit

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