Nielsen Debuts New Comparable Metrics Report

Author : Wayne FriedmanSource: MediaPost

Nielsen has released its first Comparable Metrics Report, which is intended to simplify comparisons across all media platforms.

For example, the report focuses on how many adult consumers access a given platform or content type in an average week; how often these consumers access the content; and how much time they spend engaging with the content.

The Comparable Metrics Report was first revealed in Nielsen’s first-quarter 2015 report as part of its Total Audience Report, which looks at long-term quarter-by-quarter comparisons of different media platforms.

Nielsen measures its total usage of these platforms among adults by age, race, and ethnicity -- as well as breaking out digital measurement into video, streaming audio, and social networking.

For the month of May this year, in the “how many” category, Nielsen says TV’s reach/cume/uniques total was 208.5 million, with an 87% reach of all U.S. adults 18 years and older. When looking at “how often,” it shows 5.4 days and 416 minutes/day of usage. Looking at “how long,” it shows that TV is at 1,950 minutes/per adult week.

TV connected devices yield a 97 million reach -- 40.4% of the population for U.S. adults 18 years and older; 2.9 days/week and 174 minutes/day of usage; and 202 minutes/adult per week.

Smartphone reach is at 171.5 million, yielding 71.4% of all U.S. adults 18 years and older; nearly 6 days and 119 minutes/day of usage, and 505 minutes/adults per week.

PC reach is 130.3 million and 54.3%; 3.4 days/week and 166 minutes/day of usage; and 308 minutes/adult per week.

Tablet reach comes in at 69.7 million, 29% of the U.S. adult population 18 years and older; 5 days and 110 minutes/day of usage, and 159 minutes/adult per week.