Should you consider DRTV in your content strategy?

While Direct Response Television (DRTV) isn’t a perfect fit for every product or service, it has proven to be an extremely valuable marketing tool for many businesses. If you’re unsure about whether you should include DRTV in your content strategy, here are five reasons you may want to strongly consider giving it a try.

1) Drive New Customer Sales. By using DRTV as part of your content strategy, you’re likely to see a significant increase in sales activity from new customers. Research done by TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) found TV to be more effective than digital media at driving sales from new customers.

It makes sense. DRTV reaches a large audience, exposing viewers who would not otherwise know about your products or services and wouldn’t search for you online. Existing customers, on the other hand, are familiar with your company and can easily go to your website to get what they need.

Plus, since DRTV gives viewers an immediate way to take action, new customer activity is gained in a much shorter amount of time than through other advertising methods.

2) Generate Qualified Leads. DRTV is being used more often by various types of businesses for purposes outside of making an immediate sale—for example, encouraging viewers to request a brochure to obtain more information. Viewers who request the brochure become qualified leads since they’ve taken the first step and expressed an interest in your company’s product or service.

3) Increase Traffic to Your Website. For most brands and companies, attracting more people to their website is a major objective. It’s also a challenge. DRTV commercials by nature motivate viewers to take action. Thus, they can be an incredibly effective way to drive more customers your way.

Through DRTV, viewers can be enticed to go online to learn more about your exciting new product, discover your company’s broader line of services, take advantage of an irresistible offer or all of the above.

4) Measure Performance. DRTV is extremely accountable, allowing you to measure the success of a your advertising campaign by tracking viewer responses. Performance measures can include:

  • Number of website visits and time spent on site for each visit
  • Amount of phone calls and length of each call
  • Purchases made
  • Information requests received
  • Text message responses

Such detailed and useful feedback is a true selling point of DRTV as it allows companies to test and adjust DRTV advertisements as needed – known as optimizing – to meet their intended goals.

5) Build Brand Awareness. DRTV is also a great avenue to communicate your brand’s story in an inspiring way and for connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Demonstrating multiple compelling reasons to buy generates a more genuine interest in your brand. And that’s an important ingredient for earning repeat sales and building a loyal customer base.

DRTV can result in a large number of high quality leads, new customers and sales, in addition to other benefits. If you have a product or service that’s a good fit for this advertising medium, it could be worthwhile to make it a component of your overall content strategy.

Please feel free to contact us to see if your company can benefit from adding DRTV to your content strategy.