The Eicoff Media Department: A Post-Thanksgiving Reflection on DRTV

Boy, am I stuffed.

Just finished a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. And as I enjoy the warm, loving atmosphere of family and friends, I lean back and reflect on the Eicoff Media Department and DRTV.

Okay, so I think about our Media Department a lot.

But this is the beginning of the holiday season; a time to reflect on the year past and give thanks.

And the Eicoff Media Department has a lot to be thankful for. 

1. Low cost per calls, low cost per sales. These are like the first slices of white meat off the turkey -- the best. Lower cost per call means more efficient delivery of the advertising. And we always want that.

2. Low media rates. Eicoff has a great relationship with stations. We negotiate the best DRTV rates for our clients.

3. Last minute “Firesales” from stations. Love those phone calls from the stations. We always take advantage of these opportunities for our clients.

4. No charge spots. We always ask for favors. It helps bring in a lower cost per call for that station.

5. ADUs (Audience Deficiency Units) from networks. A station promises to deliver X number of eyeballs for a certain demographic segment with our media buy. If it doesn’t, the station makes good by running the spot until the goals are met. Thank you thank you.

6. Creative that significantly lifts response. Ah, creative that works, now that’s refreshing. And worth acknowledging.

7. The Presidential Election being over. You can’t say something nasty about your political opponent only once, right? Political ads hogged the airwaves. Media time was precious and very expensive in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Thanks for 2013 being a year with no Olympics or major elections.

8. Account executives that don’t bother us much. Pretty self-explanatory.

9. But most of all, we’re truly thankful for our clients’ great sales results from our media buys.

I’m looking forward to the first quarter of 2013. Future DRTV successes. And another slice of pumpkin pie, of course.

Ken Houdek is the SVP/Associate Media Director at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.