The Most Impressive New Gadget at the CES? The…Television.

The 2014 CES definitely proved there’s no one way to view content: Sony’s Short Range 4K projector, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet, LG’s Curved TV and more.

But guess what –TV, in any form, is still king.

That, according to a panel of agency experts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  

People still watch more than four hours of live TV a day on average. Even Millennials – can you believe it?


Of course, it makes sense that advertisers are shifting some ad dollars from TV to digital. There’s lots of potential around second screen and streaming video.

But digital by itself can’t touch the reach of TV. Even internet companies cannot live by online alone: successful companies like Quicken Loans, GoDaddy and Priceline turn to television to drive traffic and grow their business.

TV works – whether it’s brand advertising or direct response (DRTV), and whether it’s through a 4K projection on a wall or a bendable screen.

As TV viewing options continue to grow, clients and agencies alike need to strike a balance between the latest media technologies and their responsibility to the client’s business.

Francie Gordon is SVP/Executive Media Director at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America’s largest DRTV agencies.