Your Brand On Ice

Nearly ten years ago, baseball fans were introduced to a new concept in sports marketing, the "green screen" of rolling virtual ads behind home plate.  Today, this advertising platform is really taking flight.

The Florida Marlins have lined their entire outfield with bright lime green walls, capable of showing stats, replays, movie clips, and of course TV commercials. And 17 NHL teams have brought this technology to their rink boards. After all, what’s better than watching someone get checked into your logo?

Director of Marketing for Skokie-based Jelmar, Adrienne Gibbons explains, "We are very excited for the opportunity to see the CLR logo during BlackHawks games. It also helps that the team is doing well and people are tuning in.” 

For our clients, like CLR, the exposure doesn’t stop at just local airings. Their signage can be seen during any game featured as part of the NHL Center Ice package. This includes games viewed at bars & restaurants. Sponsors also benefit from any goals, fights or falls that make the highlight reels on local or national sports news.

Brendan Lewis of Comcast SportsNet Chicago adds, “The on-the-glass position really stands out for brands like CLR. And it not only enjoys the massive viewership that every Blackhawks home game garners; but the opportunity for additional visibility is a real bonus.”

Another technology-inspired breakthrough was implemented for the 2015 NHL All-Star game. For the first time, a player's sweater and the puck were outfitted with a microchip that sent stats to a control center and then to TV viewers.  This application not only provides noteworthy data for coaches and fans, but it also introduces a considerable opportunity for sponsorship revenue. For example, "Puck Speed for that Goal is brought to you by Speedy Cash… Love that Speedy Cash."

Although our roots are in DRTV, we love any television or radio opportunity we can find to assist our client’s marketing efforts. Sponsorship and other added value are something with which we’ve seen real success. And putting brands on ice is definitely one of them.