Why DRTV needs SEO

The goal of direct response television is simple: create an advertisement that incites the audience to take action. Of course, no matter what action you’d like them to take, there’s a high probability the viewer will simply go online and begin their own exploration.

TV Ads Still More Relevant to Consumers than Streaming Video Ads

Despite marketers’ efforts with advanced programmatic and data targeting for video ads, consumers still find that they are more likely to be served a relevant ad on linear TV.

TV’s Got New Reaction to Direct-Response Ads: But Wait, There’s More…

After decades of focusing on blue-chip brands, TV ad sales executives are starting to sweat much smaller stuff.

BuzzFeed’s video strategy moves to more TV-like digital shows tied to verticals

BuzzFeed might be best known for hands and pans and other social videos perfectly suited for news feeds, but these days, the publisher is more committed to TV-like, episodic franchises for YouTube, Facebook and other platforms — and it plans to produce as many as 20 this year.

Taking a dip for Off The Street Club

As part of our fundraising efforts for Off The Street Club’s “Save our Summer” initiative, last week we threw a “Dip and Donate” event. Our creative Eicoff cooks once again brought forth a tasty array of deliciousness. And the hungry attendees gladly indulged.

NewFronts or TV upfronts? Lines blur as digital publishers mature

The themes of the 2019 Digital Content NewFronts all felt very familiar: Digital publishers spoke profusely about brand safety, original programming and scale.

Why DTC Brands Are Flocking To Television

A spree of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, including Hubble, Bonobos and Rothy’s, have started running TV commercials. And aside from adding demand to the scatter market, those DTC companies are bringing digital-first measurement standards to the new (ahem, old) media channel

Marketers are wrong to write off TV, research finds

TV has many marketers conflicted. “They want addressable and attribution and want to cut linear budget,” Justin Evans, vice-president, data strategy, for Comcast Spotlight, told The Drum. “Then, at the water cooler, they’re talking about all the shows they’re binging on.”

Why branding should not be left only to brand ads.

Why branding should not be left only to brand ads.

A sure sign of a strong brand is its ability to shine in any medium. Display. Print. Audio. Video. Blimp-vertising. A solid brand should adapt to its new environment while still maintaining the core look, tone and personality that it has spent a lot time (and likely $$$) to build.

New 2019 TV Creative for Oak Street Health.

New 2019 TV Creative for Oak Street Health.

Our latest creative for Oak Street Health highlights their unique way of caring for patients. From transportation to social activities to simply spending more time listening to you, they understand that all the little things truly make a big difference for you and your health.

A&E looks to woo direct-to-consumer and smaller brands to TV

A&E Networks is looking to woo brands that don't typically advertise on TV with a new tool that lowers the cost of entry and offers enhanced digital-style metrics. Dubbed "P1," the tool will allow small and mid-size clients to target audiences and optimize their commercial buys on a single network

5 questions every D2C advertiser should ask

5 questions every D2C advertiser should ask

This may feel like a bold or self-serving statement, but I truly believe no one knows how to do Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) advertising better than a Direct Response agency. Think about it. DR agencies have a long history of eliminating the middleman and selling straight to consumers.

Want to save money? Listen to your pet.

Want to save money? Listen to your pet.

See our latest creative for 1800petmeds, featuring dogs and cats guiding owners to a better way to save. Let your pets do the saving for you and take the wheel. At 1800PETMEDS pet owners can save on flea, heartworm and any other medication that they need. But not just medication! save on fun things like tennis balls, and bones!

Teach Your Viewers Well

In recent years, the health and wellness category has exploded. Yet a lot of the commercials seem to be the same throughout the market. We constructed 2 minute ads that focused on a different feature: education. This was tested through the roof! The more educated viewers are, the more receptive they are to a brand. Education doesn’t have to be boring. Read this to see what our approach was!

TV Networks Form New Consortium to Advance Targeted Advertising

Rivals team up on a system for addressable ads on smart TV. People who have smart TVs will be targeted ads based on what they are interested in. How is this different? People watching the same program will be able to serve two different types of ads for the same brand simultaneously. Pretty cool, right? Read this article for more info!

As Targeting Comes To TV, Digital’s Mistakes Loom Large

Targeting on TV with the same precision as digital is becoming a reality. OTT platforms enables pinpoint accuracy of any audience. The misconception that TV is dead is just that , a misconception. That being said there are things that work for TV that don’t neccessarity work when targeting on digital platforms. Read for more info!