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Since 2015, Eicoff has supported and participated in SPARK, a unique and inspiring mentoring program for inner city students.

TV And Digital Advertising Need To Stop Fighting And Admit They Need Each Other

Digital advertising and TV go together like biscuits and gravy, people just don’t know it. At Eicoff we are trend setters and can tell the future though. TV and digital compliment each other. There is not one or the other. People watch TV then go one their media devices and search or watch videos of probably similar content.

WPP Expands Its Global Relationship With Newell Brands

Consumer goods giant Newell Brands has selected WPP as its communications partner for its portfolio of brands globally following a review.

You got data in my creative! You got creative in my data!

Creative and data analytics can inform each other and inspire innovation. data and creative combined can provide messaging that is meaningful to an audience. The combination provides predictive data. The truth is creative brings data to life!

Stay open

The media landscape saturation is a threat for publishers because it limits the availability for new content. This creates opportunity for innovation with media outlets like diginets and OpenTV. We try to seek out opportunity where we can.

Baking up a whole bunch of holiday cheer

How do you collect hundreds of toys for kids in need this holiday?

Digital Strategies To Amplify And Complement Your TV Campaign

SEO and any TV marketing go hand in hand specifically, DRTV. Direct Response Television needs a good online marketing strategy to compliment the initiative. Here are three digital strategies to make your campaign standout and perform their best. These are designed to boost any online traffic coming from any TV initiative. Check it out.

Why D2C brands are changing their course - from Facebook to TV.

Any D2C brand’s goal is to sell directly to the consumer. This is accomplished by D2C or DTC brands advertising of social media like Instagram and Facebook, where these brands are exposed to customers directly. Since market saturation actively is setting in marketers are switching outlets to DRTV or direct response television to fulfill their needs.

Gone in 6 seconds

It was one year ago this month when Fox introduced 6-second TV commercials to their NFL broadcasts. This made everyone shorten their ads so because it was the trendy thing to do. Not eicoff, we knew that this market would become saturated fast and so we stayed with creating longer form ads.

Eicoff at the DMA &Then Conference

Earlier this week, Eicoff traveled to Las Vegas to present at the DMA &Then Conference. Our topic: Storyselling, Data-inspired Messaging.

10 Tactics To Capture TV-Driven Demand Through Search

It would be awesome if people always followed the call to action in a TV ad.

Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV

Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV

It is critical to have an digital marketing strategy to compliment any TV initiatives especially direct response television. A highly visible organic search presence will help your click-through-rate and conversions immensely. Check out this post to find out what digital marketing strategies to invest in.

The Spark Experience

The Spark Experience

After another great semester with the Spark Program, we'd like to thank all of the Eicoff volunteers…

Data-inspired creative is here to stay

Data inspired creative is a tricky concept. On one hand it makes sense and on the other hand creative circles feel that it is a threat to their process. The reality is data is here to stay and can work creative to inspire a message. Read this blog on how creative and data can be a happy marriage.

The question all advertisers have to ask

before pen meets paper, you’ve got to ask the most important question: what kind of reaction are we after? Eliciting a reaction is one of the main purposes of advertising. It’s hard to elicit an emotional reaction and also drive a response. Creatively speaking, if it's an emotional response that you seek, you'll tend toward traditional storytelling.

Flipped Like A Pancake

When IHOP first announced (with little detail) they were changing their name to IHOB, people instantly freaked out.