Eileen Bousquet

SVP | Media Group Director

Born in Chicago • Lives in Bloomingdale (the town, not the store) • Northern Illinois University

“Television advertising gets closer to the digital model every day, but the scale and power of TV make it a dominant force. It’s not going anywhere.”

As a veteran at Eicoff, Eileen is unfazed by the upheaval in the industry over the past decade or so. Television expanded to different screens and is measured in more precise ways, but the targeted delivery of content and the tracking and optimizing of the consumer's response is as valid as ever.

"The success of our model relies on how we interact with consumers. It's getting closer to a one-to-one relationship, which only makes the message more relevant to the audience."

As a Chicago native, you might think Eileen has come to accept the ferociousness of the winters. She hasn't. Which is why vacation destinations all have a common theme: tropical.