Eileen Bousquet

SVP | Media Group Director

28 years in advertising · 25 years at Eicoff
Lives in Bloomingdale IL · Born in Chicago IL
Northern Illinois University

Career Highlights

Eileen sharpened her media skills on good old traditional DRTV. As the industry evolved, Elieen kept pace, applying direct response fundamentals to traditional brand clients like Reynolds Products and Nature Made. These days, she's as likely to be securing added value and evaluating TRP delivery as analyzing spot by spot response.

Why I've stayed at Eicoff for so long

It’s rewarding to be able to see the results of what we do for our clients.

The future of DRTV

The success of DRTV is always a reflection of how we interact with consumers. As media usage continues to evolve, so will we. But it’s definitely not going away.

Notable Success

Making the DRTV model work for traditional clients. They love it!

When it's winter in Chicago…

I try to enjoy it, but seriously, I don't.

Favorite vacation destination

Anywhere tropical.