Jon Lott


Born in Missoula • Lives in Chicago • Dickenson College, Vanderbilt

“The graphics and info-graphics our teams develop make me drool.”

Jon has worked in a variety of industries beyond advertising, with global and local teams handling everything from chocolate to dog food to home cleaning and paper products. He likes the fact that Eicoff is a creative organization built on a foundation of data and accountability. As the finance person, Jon has a great appreciation for the metrics and analytics that are such a big part of Eicoff's long-term success.

"A successful working relationship comes down to three things: respect, partnership, and knowing your stuff. This applies across the board, no matter what department, or what business, you happen to be in."

When Jon isn't in the office, he probably really isn't in the office. He had visited all 50 states by age 28, and he takes every opportunity to get out and explore with his wife and son. Many of the destinations he chooses involve an Ironman event. And not to watch.