Kelly Dulin

SVP | Director of Media

23 years in advertising · 23 years at Eicoff
Lives in Chicago IL · Born in Long Beach CA
University of Illinois

Career Highlights

Kelly’s a lifer at Eicoff, and over the years has been a part of some of the agency’s most impressive successes. The brands she works on tend to stay at the agency for a very long time and/or become hugely successful. She has agreed to share the credit for this.

The most important thing people should know about Eicoff

The tenure of the media staff translates directly to pricing and clearance advantages. This is something that comes with time and experience.

What most people don’t know about DRTV

It's everywhere. People think they know what a DRTV commercial "is" and probably don’t recognize how many commercials have a call-to-action in them.

Notable Success

Collecting the name plates of every employee who has worked at Eicoff since 1988.

The best thing a client has ever said to me

Retaining clients for years, and sometimes decades, is the biggest compliment we can receive.

When it's winter in Chicago I wish I were ...

Driving a car bigger than my MINI.