Launching A DRTV Campaign 


It started with an idea.


A persuasive sales pitch with a toll-free number and a tenacious commitment to a client’s success. The idea made Alvin Eicoff one of the most influential people in the business, and his DRTV company the premier agency in direct response television advertising.


The industry has evolved beyond the pitchman and the boundaries of traditional television. But it still comes down to the fundamentals that Alvin Eicoff championed: to inform, demonstrate, educate, sell. And most importantly, to build every client’s business, every single day.


When you launch a DRTV campaign, with a relatively small investment it’s possible to explore the potential and invest as success is achieved. Start small and scale with control. With a short test it’s often possible to map out growth and evaluate expansion. For many clients, it’s the ideal way to get their brand on TV, and earn the respect and credibility they deserve.