Margaret Firalio

SVP | Director of Media

Born in South Bend • Lives in West Loop • THE Ohio State University

“Nothing beats television when it comes to reach. While consumption habits have changed, people continue to be drawn to the large screens and live programming.”

Margaret leads the brand linear and audio group, focusing on planning and buying, but through an Eicoff lens: emphasis on performance measurement, complete transparency, and advanced targeting. From identifying creative added value opportunities and content to negotiating spots on the Super Bowl, Margaret is steeped in the media marketplace.

"I find more clients expressing an interest in audio. As with television and video, there are multiple ways to reach people with this medium - terrestrial, satellite, streaming, podcasts. It's an extremely cost effective way to extend reach and expand the market, both from a media and production standpoint."

When Margaret isn't in the office, she's likely to be just about anywhere in the world. The only way to really keep up with her travels is to follow her on Instagram.