Matt Cote

SVP | Director of Video Innovation

16 years in advertising · 16 years at Eicoff
Lives in Oak Park IL · Born in Oak Park IL
Iowa State University

Career Highlights

16 years ago, Matt began his career at Eicoff in account management. Back when TV was TV, time shifting was what happened when you changed your clocks twice a year, and the internet was a novelty. Over the course of those 16 years, as digital communication exploded, Matt found himself leading the agency in applying DRTV fundamentals to this brave new world. It was a logical step for Matt to initiate and build a department devoted to video innovation within the hallowed halls of Eicoff.

Why I've been at Eicoff so long

Because they respect phenomenal talent (smiley-face emoticon)

The future of DRTV

Big changes ahead! But the core principles will remain.

The best thing a client has ever said to me

You know more about our company than we do.

When I'm not at work, I'm probably

Hunting down the next breakout Chicago restaurant.

Favorite Chicago restaurant?

Publican or Longman and Eagle. Actually, brunch at Publican and then dinner at Longman and Eagle.