Mike Powell

SVP | Executive Creative Director

Born in Columbus • Lives in Lincoln Park • Miami University (OH)

“To be successful, concepts must play across the expansive media landscape to increasingly precise audiences. And they must deliver tangible results.”

Over the past few decades, as the advertising business has changed dramatically, the fundamentals at the heart of the creative process…haven’t. Getting inside the consumer’s head. Beating your head against the desk until an idea comes out. Understanding how to craft an engaging and persuasive message. These skills are as valid now as ever.

"Accountability is no longer something you might be able to talk your way out of. You can try. But when the analytics people walk in, the jig is up. It's okay. It's actually refreshing. Isn't that what advertising is all about anyway?"

Mike and his wife have returned to city living, now that the five kids are (mostly) out of the house. He loves to read and write and travel.