Mike Powell

SVP | Executive Creative Director

32 years in advertising · 10 years at Eicoff
Lives in Winnetka IL · Born in Columbus OH
Miami University (OH)

Career Highlights

There was an open desk in media, so Mike took it. Alas, numbers didn’t agree with him, so he stowed away in the creative department, and then one day found himself with creative responsibility for all Procter & Gamble accounts, including three global brands. He brings this breadth of experience to Eicoff, but missed out on eye-witnessing the stories he’s heard.

Notable Success

Demonstrating to Clear Mobile Internet that Eicoff creative would drive their business and build their brand. At the same time.

What's special about Eicoff

The creatives know that if a spot doesn't work, it's off the air. So there isn’t the inter-discipline feuding that goes on at other agencies. We're all in it together.

The most important thing clients should know about Eicoff

We challenge ourselves more than our clients do.

When I'm not at work I'm probably

Reading, writing, motorcycling (ideally to a place where I can read and write).

Nostalgic television memory

Watching the Singing Nuns on the Ed Sullivan Show. (Thought I’d say the Beatles, didn’t you?)

When it's winter in Chicago…

I make sure I have a supply of firewood, so as not to resort to burning furniture.