Broadcast Talent Manager



  •  Estimates talent reuse, residuals and holding fees for TV and radio production.

  • Controls and approves talent session costs for all production, post-production and music.

  • Works with AE for formal cost reporting and cost approval.

  • Works with AE to prepare quarterly estimates for talent reuse.

  • Works with Broadcast Traffic to obtain flight scheduling in order to pay fees for all spots currently airing.

  • Tracks all active spots to ensure that talent holding fees are authorized and paid on time, ensures that "maximum use periods" are known and anticipated.

  •  Grants final approval and closure of all production and talent reuse jobs.

  • Manages the day to day workflow.

  • Enforces adherence to quality standards for the team as set forth by the department head.

  • Identifies short and long term opportunities.

  • Negotiates talent contracts, including reuse.

  • Creates TV/Radio talent estimates.

  • Attends interdepartmental briefings.

  • Stays current with SAG-AFTRA TV/Radio contract information.



  • Experience in advertising agency broadcast administration and music negotiations; scale, over scale and celebrity talent negotiations.

  • Experience in talent payroll administration and talent contract interpretation.

  • Experience in SAG-AFTRA TV/Radio Commercials Contract.