SEO In Today’s Digital Marketing

The realm of digital marketing specifically organic search advertising has exploded since the turn of the century. Advertising and promoting your website online isn’t a choice any more. It’s a necessity.

Google, the search engine goliath, separated itself from its competition in the early days of search by prioritizing the way websites are displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) with an algorithm called PageRank. Fast forward to today - Google owns over 90% of the search market and makes most of its money through search (paid and organic). Natural Search is a very important alternative to paid search. If not done correctly, paid search can eat up your budget which is why companies invest a lot in SEO

Below is a graph explaining the value of natural search in relation to paid search (PPC) in terms of clicks for the time period outlined below.



SEO Defined

Search Engine Optimization, natural search or organic search (however you want to phrase it) is the practice of making your site more visible among the top search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Improving your website’s SEO helps drive web traffic, increase conversion for e-commerce, decrease bounce rate and increase time spent on a particular page.

Traffic is simply the amount of people visiting your site. Conversions are actions taken on your site that can lead to revenue. Generating and increasing your organic search traffic to your website is trickier than you might think. Because the key is to generate quality traffic from natural search by aiming to create relevant, quality content. 


Tips to increase organic search presence

  1. Make sure the targeted keyword is in the title tag, meta description, and alt tag.

  2. Be sure content revolves around targeted keyword and is not too short.

  3. anchor text linking of internal pages is important for user experience and bots that crawl a website.

  4. Make sure the content of your page is highly relevant to the search query you think a customer would type in to the search box.

Local SEO

Establishing an organic local presence on Google My Business or Bing Places is critical for any local business. A Google My Business account including NAP (name, address and phone number) of your business, will help you get the most out of Local SEO. Depending on your business type, different features such as product reviews or marking up price quotes can play a big role in local rankings. Local SEO is location based and was intended for mobile searches mostly. The goal of organic search when playing the local game is to have your local listing(s) optimized and consistent with best practices.


The Benefits of SEO

SEO requires a combination of technical skills, creative skills, and vigilance, and can have a lasting effect on any online marketing effort.

1.      Relatively low cost with high impact. Can be a perfect substitute for paid advertising as it is much cheaper with infinite potential.

2.    Frequently updated content will keep your website engaged with users.

3.     Good SEO goes hand in hand with keeping your website updated and effecient.

4.     Natural Search complements multiple dimensions of your marketing efforts like an increase in brand awareness and direct and can also help with reputation management.


How We Can Help

Running a successful SEO program requires attention to detail and relentless optimization. Eicoff can monitor your rankings and research keywords to help your site get more qualified traffic from organic search. We can address technical issues that could be deterring web crawlers from accurately crawling your site or potentially penalizing you . Let us help take your SEO marketing to the next level.