Rob Schmidt

SVP | Management Supervisor

Born in Long Island, NY • Lives in Western Springs • University of Pittsburgh

“Contrary to the predictions about the demise of televion in the digital age, it continues to not only survive, but it is thriving, proving its value as the best mass reach vehicle for marketers looking to grow or maintain share.”

Rob began his career in media, where he developed a fondness, and an aptitude, it not only continues to survive, but it is thriving, proving for results-based advertising. He brings that expertise to Eicoff, where he has helped advance the agency's commitment to measured-response television and video across multiple screens.

"TV drives the digital economy. Consumers may be accessing TV content in different ways than they used to, but it is still where they turn to relax and keep up on social trends. And more importantly, they react to what they see across digital channels - search, social, mobile - often by going directly to advertisers' sites."

A Jets/Mets fan surrounded by Bears, Cubs and Sox, Rob immerses himself in the sports pursuits of his four kids. And he provides culinary guidance on where to find "real" pizza, and to never be ashamed about putting ketchup on a hot dog.