Terry O'Sullivan

SVP | Group Creative Director

Born in St. Louis • Lives in Oak Park • University of Missouri

“Advertising is a means to an end. Whether you’re watching video content on a traditional television in your living room or on your phone on the bus, guess what: it’s brought to you by advertising. It’s a business that has to hold itself accountable to its clients.”

Terry moved up through the ranks in the creative department by embracing the reality of measured response television advertising: it's got to work, or it's off the air. What was once the bastion of DRTV and it's "below the line" brethren, is now common practice across the media spectrum. Making brands work harder through television and video is what Eicoff is all about.

"TV's not going anywhere. And all the excitement around data and analytics is just a more precise way to do what we've always done at Eicoff. Make commercials that generate a response."

When Terry's not at work, he's likely in the kitchen. As an accomplished chef it's only fitting for him to be the one working the grill for the agency's annual Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup fundraiser for the Chicago Food Depository. There is a grass roots effort to turn this into a monthly event.