The Power of Television. The Precision of Digital.

Nothing sells up the line like accountability. When CMOs need to justify investing in marketing to grow their brand, it helps when your advertising agency understands that. We do. We built our own business on it. It’s how we got to be the nation’s leading Direct Response advertising agency. From linear television and Direct Response TV to digital video across multiple screens, whether it’s a start-up looking to scale their business or an established brand seeking new audiences - Eicoff is single-mindedly focused on measuring response through to the sale.

Nothing builds a brand like television. Nothing sells like Direct Response advertising on TV. Nothing engages like video. At Eicoff, we help clients capitalize on the unparalleled power of video as a communication medium, driven by the capacity of digital to precisely track and measure consumer response and reaction, deliver highly targeted audiences, and help optimize both media strategy and message content. The intersection of television and digital. That’s where we operate.

Eicoff is a full-service advertising agency, specializing in linear television, Direct Response TV and video of all kinds, bringing together the disciplines of creative, media, search and analytics to solve marketing challenges of all sorts. We’re helping ecommerce advertisers take their business to the next level with the immense reach of television. We’re using targeting platforms via addressable, programmatic and connected TV campaigns to reach high-prospect audiences, across multiple screens. We’re delivering video and Direct Response TV campaigns that also lift other channels, like direct mail, search and social. We’re breaking new ground for D2C clients, driving direct sales against ROI goals, helping establish new brands, and making way for retail expansion.


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