The Beating Heart of Measured- Direct Response Media is Optimization.

 The evolution of video consumption and the onslaught of direct response media presents increased opportunity for advertisers - if you’re willing to grind through the details to affect the results. That’s how optimization works. It’s a day in and day out business, and there are no shortcuts to getting the most out of your media investment. At Eicoff, we built our agency on this commitment.

 Our focus is targeted marketing wherever anyone consumes video. Online, offline, everything from broad-reach direct response media ads and radio to highly targeted digital. Hard-working brand campaigns and social video programs designed to wring the most out of SEO/SEM and remarketing efforts. Testing options in the emerging media stratosphere. Programmatic, sure. Addressable, when it’s right. Essentially, it all comes down to this: identifying the most efficient way to deliver a compelling message to the most receptive audience.

 Experience leads to fast starts.

 Media buying is the core of our business. Which means we’re on top of the most current state of the media marketplace, whether it’s traditional linear television, direct response media, or any of the digital offerings. We’re deeply involved in developments in the industry, like monitoring the emergence of Connected TV, Addressable and Programmatic buying. A strong audio competency that complements any TV plan, or can stand on its own. We're in every market every single day, with multiple clients, and are acutely aware of what's happening out there on a minute-to-minute basis. This intimate understanding helps us provide efficiency right out of the gate, and build momentum from there. It's probably why the likes of Google, YouTube and Hulu came to us for our advice on building their measured-response offering.

 Transparency. That's how we see things.

 Our clients demand it. We insist on it. We. Share. Everything. Every invoice, every affidavit, every response trend. When things are working, when things aren't. (We prefer the former.) All current results are easily accessible, 24/7, on Tableau-based dashboards. You know what we know. And we're happy to discuss any detail with you. We're geeky like that.

 Our business was built on all things media. Any direct response media opportunity is a critical element in our offering. Let us perform a media audit for you and give you a few things to consider.

 Let’s get optimizing. Contact us today.