TV Attribution Gets a Whole Lotta Love From Advertisers

Several staffers at New York Advertising Week handed out heart-shaped boxes emblazoned with “What is a great love story without a kiss?” and filled with Hershey's Kisses.

Startups’ TV Advertising Soars in New Report

Young brands that once advertised nearly exclusively through digital media are moving into television at a rapid clip, according to a new report on U.S. ad spending for the U.S.

DTC Market Delivers New Opportunities for Traditional Brands

DTC Market Delivers New Opportunities for Traditional Brands

Hickies promises to make the burden of untied laces a thing of the past. Winc delivers bottles of wine personally customized for a particular palate. Quip sends a quarterly replacement head for an electric toothbrush.

When old school becomes a new trend.

When old school becomes a new trend.

Performance marketers hold advertising to very precise goals. It needs to grow their business. It needs to generate revenue. And, most importantly, it needs to provide a positive return on investment.

AMC Theatres Starts Pilot Program Airing NFL Games

Looking to build business for its slower-moving Sunday afternoon in-theater film business, AMC Theatres this past weekend televised live NFL football games in more than 50 markets.

What your brand needs to know about the burgeoning video-game streaming battle

Twitch is the dominant player in the video-game streaming industry. But Microsoft’s Mixer signaled that it’s serious about taking on the Amazon-owned juggernaut when it recently inked streaming superstar Ninja to an exclusive deal.

Three Things DTCs Have Learned As They Get Into TV

Ecommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are flooding into television, and bring a new data-driven perspective to the old media channel.

Tally Selects Eicoff for DRTV

Tally Selects Eicoff for DRTV

San Francisco-based Tally, developer of an automated debt management platform, has named Eicoff as their agency. The assignment is for DRTV creative and media buying for a campaign that launches in July.

14 million TV viewers tuned in to watch U.S. women win the World Cup

Despite facing a howling squall of criticism from the White House, endlessly tiresome media figures and more than a few sanctimonious former athletes, the U.S. Women’s National Team on Sunday achieved everything it had set out to do and more, winning their second consecutive FIFA World Cup title while making a seemingly irrefutable case for equal pay.

The Impact of TV Ads on Stock Trading

It turns out that television ads may be more than just background noise. A new study suggests that commercials can influence investor behavior in real time, leading to a slight boost in trading activity in the advertiser’s stock.

Listen up. Why podcasts are a great play for DR advertisers.

With about third of America tuning in every month, consuming (on average) 6.5 hours of content every week, it’s no surprise that podcasts have captured the attention of publishers and advertisers everywhere.

Targeted TV Advertising Is Taking Off

Early this year, made a move that gives a glimpse of where the ad business may be heading. used to do the lion’s share of its marketing through TV ads aimed at any and all consumers, including running commercials during the Super Bowl.

D-to-C brands add $1.4 billion to TV marketplace

Direct-to-consumer brands have added $1.4 billion to the TV ad marketplace over the past year, according to research out of the Video Advertising Bureau.

5 Steps to a Successful Addressable TV Campaign

Addressable Television comes up in just about every client conversation these days. Many clients have implemented, some are exploring and others are still unclear on exactly what it is.

Nielsen Prepping Platform For Addressable TV, Ad Decisioning

Having bulked up on assets in the smart-TV space, Nielsen is targeting next year for the launch of a platform that will help scale addressable television advertising. Key to the effort will be executing ad replacement and decisioning.

AT&T’s plan to beat Netflix: more films, shows and documentaries

AT&T’s plan to take on Netflix is taking shape, and it starts with one word: more.