The Intersection of TV and Digital

That’s where it’s all happening. Where the broad reach of TV and digital advertising drives prospects to search, to your website, to “fine retailers near you.” Where tracking and measuring reaches a depth of detail previously unattainable. Where optimization pushes ROI to new heights.

We like it here.

Digital analytics improve the precision and speed of measuring and optimizing traditional TV and DRTV efforts. Digital advertising and video marketing are evolving at a breakneck pace. The explosive growth of digital video advertising is happening across all demographics (especially that elusive 18 – 34 group) and across all screens – desktop, mobile, OTT/Connected TV.

Targeting with Digital Advertising

Digital gives advertisers the ability to get beyond the traditional targeting considerations, beyond things like age and gender and household income. Incorporating data related to geographic breakdowns, behavioral activity (searches, past web visits,) retargeting, and contextual targeting, digital advertising is superior to any other medium when it comes to fine tuning placements, eliminating waste and improving efficiency.

Our digital advertising services delivers results outright, and complements linear TV, search, display and affiliate marketing. It plays a vital role in any television effort, and belongs in any media mix.

Eicoff is an agency built on delivering measurable results through television. It’s our legacy. It’s our business model. And our digital services are helping us take clients to the next level.

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