DRTV Fuses the Power of Television with the Precision of Digital

Still the only broadcast option for measured-response advertising.

Despite its historical pedigree, Direct Response Television is one of the most potent forms of advertising in today’s contemporary media environment. The massive reach of television, when combined with the precise measurability of digital, makes for an extremely effective marketing tool. How did a platform that’s been around since the 1950s become the darling of marketers everywhere?

DRTV is Built for Business  

At its core, Direct Response Advertising is an ROI-based model that rewards efficiency and response. Instead of being evaluated based on metrics such as reach/frequency, like traditional TV, a successful DRTV campaign will be judged by the revenue it generates.

The Message Matters 

DRTV is intended to sell, rather than entertain. The tactics are well known – direct calls to action, persuasive offers, modes of immediate response. But there’s more to inciting response: a strong connection to, and engagement with, your prospective audience; a structure designed to inform, educate and demonstrate; a rock-solid association with the brand. We call this approach Storyselling.


There is no more powerful medium. TV hasn’t been compromised by the expansion of the media landscape, it’s just been redefined. It hasn’t fractured, it’s multiplied. Instead of being limited to the screen on your wall, it’s now just about everywhere. DRTV is the most affordable, efficient way to take your brand to TV.

Measurement and Optimization

Traditional television is measured after the fact. DRTV is measured from the first day the campaign airs, and optimized incessantly. Measurement and optimization have always been pillars of DRTV, and the advent of digital tools has only made it more precise, immediate, and actionable.

Direct Response Advertising and Analytics can help new brands expand their audience, ecommerce companies expand their reach to take their business to the next level, startup CPG brands earn their way into retail. It should always be a consideration in any marketing mix.

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Three examples of successful DRTV commercials

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