It all started with DRTV

DRTV is still the only broadcast option for
measured-response advertising.

DRTV is alive and well.

Combining the massive reach of television and the precise measurability of digital, nothing compares to the effectiveness of a well-constructed, well-placed, well-measured one-hundred-twenty-second DRTV spot. It might not be as sexy as some of the other media options. It just works. DRTV is a response driven advertisement that evokes a call to action by web or by phone.

DRTV is, at its core, an ROI-based model that rewards efficiency and response. The key to success is the blending of strong, information-based creative and relentless media optimization fueled by analytics. All DRTV companies are not, however, created equal. Here’s how Eicoff has become one of North America’s leading DRTV agencies. 

Storyselling. Creative that sells.

Eicoff has developed an approach that’s uniquely suited for DRTV. We call it Storyselling. It’s designed to create messages that inform, educate, demonstrate, and, most importantly, sell. The goal is to incite response, drive sales, and deliver against ROI goals.

Media-Driven Analytics

Media and Analytics, synchronized and working hand-in-glove, is the integrated approach that delivers expedited decision making, improves optimization proficiency, and provides broader business analysis. Results are accessible on EiQ, our proprietary reporting platform.

Direct resposne advertising and analytics can help new brands expand their audience. Ecommerce companies expand their reach to take business to the next level. Start up CPG brands earn their way into retail. It should always be a consideration in any marketing mix.

Take a look at three strong performing DRTV Spots produced by Eicoff:

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