David Ogilvy

Stories are potently engaging – there’s neuroscience to back up that claim. But too often, they don’t do much selling. And isn’t that the whole point?

Creative isn’t limited to award shows and industry cocktail parties. David Ogilvy once said: “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” At Eicoff, we subscribe whole-heartedly to that sentiment. This is where direct response copywriting in a storyselling manner drives home.

An idea can do more than just entertain. It can educate. Demonstrate. Inform. It can even…sell. In direct response advertising when it comes to copywriting, If you’ve identified the right audience, they will engage with the information even more than a funny story or poignant moment. It’s more than just content, because you’re providing your consumers with something they need. There’s inherent value for the viewer. We call it Storyselling. Here’s how it works.

Engagement.  Job one of any successful direct response ad is to engage the audience. Don't do that, nothing else really matters. A traditional story engages using entertainment, trying to lure in the curious and see if they'll stay with you. But when storyselling, you want to encourage the audience to self-identify, to have them say, “whoa, that’s me.” So you establish who you’re talking to right out of the gate.

Content.  With a brand ad, the content is often the story itself. But storyselling replaces traditional storytelling devices, like plot and character, with information. Benefits. Features. Less emotionally evocative, certainly, but likely more personally relevant to your audience. The right information, delivered the right way, will help move them from thinking to doing.

Structure. Just because we're working with information rather than entertainment, structure is still important. How you move your audience through the message, how you deliver the brand proposition, how you support the proposition with benefits and tangible facts in a logical fashion, it all matters.

direct response copywriting and stroyselling structure

Long story short: in direct response copywriting, storytelling gets all the buzz. But storyselling gets results.

Storyselling builds brands while generating response. Embedded in every response is useful data, critical to tracking, measurement, and optimization. And invaluable to the creative process. Data-inspired creative embraces information generated from consumers’ interactions with the brand, and helps identify insights, guide messaging, and prioritize benefits.

At Eicoff, we specialize in creating video content built on honest consumer insights, bold brand promises, and an unapologetic commitment to selling. Data-inspired creative and Storyselling are part of our philosophy: It’s one thing to get someone to feel something, and another to get them to do something. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

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