Advertising On VOD Rises 21%

Author: Wayne Friedman. Source: MediaPost

TV networks' advertising-supported video on demand keeps growing.

Canoe Ventures says the number of advertising impressions grew 21% to nearly 5 billion in the first quarter for network TV programmers running video-on-demand platforms on traditional pay TV providers: cable, satellite, and telco. 

Canoe provides ad technology -- dynamic ad insertion -- for advertisers to run those campaigns on big cable TV operators.

Nearly 2,300 campaigns ran in the first quarter of 2017 -- 75% from paid client ad campaigns and 25% from network TV promos. The biggest days of the week for advertising impressions were Saturday (805.6 million) and Sunday (816.9 million).

For the full year ended in 2016, advertising impressions were at 17.9 billion compared to 11.8 billion in 2015 and 6.3 billion in 2014.

Virtually all of the advertising on these VOD platforms occurs mid-roll -- during the TV program. Over 4.2 billion impressions ran this way, with 732.7 million impressions occurring pre-roll, before the TV show starts; and 95.0 million impressions running post-run after the TV show has ended.