New 2019 TV Creative for Oak Street Health.

Click to watch “Every Little Thing.” Edited by Sean Halvorson @ Hootenanny, Chicago.

As a person gets older, healthcare takes on new meaning. There are different needs. More things to think about. And then there’s Medicare, a completely new kind of insurance. That’s why, as we age, the doctor’s office is more important than ever.

Only problem… most doctors treat all patients, of all ages, the same.

Oak Street Health is changing this dynamic. As a neighborhood doctor’s office designed only for people on Medicare, Oak Street Health’s mission is to provide a more personal, more holistic approach to patient care. It’s about doing what it takes to improve the health and quality of life for people 65 and older.

Our latest creative for Oak Street Health highlights their unique way of caring for patients. From transportation to social activities to simply spending more time listening to you, they understand that all the little things truly make a big difference for you and your health.