D-to-C brands add $1.4 billion to TV marketplace

Direct-to-consumer brands have added $1.4 billion to the TV ad marketplace over the past year, according to research out of the Video Advertising Bureau.

5 questions every D2C advertiser should ask

5 questions every D2C advertiser should ask

This may feel like a bold or self-serving statement, but I truly believe no one knows how to do Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) advertising better than a Direct Response agency. Think about it. DR agencies have a long history of eliminating the middleman and selling straight to consumers.

Direct-to-consumer brands are ushering in the age of intelligent TV buying

Direct to consumer (DTC) is a way for advertisers to target their audience, meaning a lot of digital advertising. At first glance when digital was on the rise this had enormous success, but the market has since become saturated and it is hard to break through. TV has the ability to track like digital and is more effective. Click here to learn more!

Why D2C brands are changing their course - from Facebook to TV.

Any D2C brand’s goal is to sell directly to the consumer. This is accomplished by D2C or DTC brands advertising of social media like Instagram and Facebook, where these brands are exposed to customers directly. Since market saturation actively is setting in marketers are switching outlets to DRTV or direct response television to fulfill their needs.