Nielsen Prepping Platform For Addressable TV, Ad Decisioning

Having bulked up on assets in the smart-TV space, Nielsen is targeting next year for the launch of a platform that will help scale addressable television advertising. Key to the effort will be executing ad replacement and decisioning.

What We Need to Talk About When We Talk About Connected TV

As OTT consumption has moved from a rising trend to the mainstream…

As the Audio Landscape Evolves, Broadcast Radio Remains King

Each year, there are more and more ways to listen to information and entertainment in America. Radio, on-demand streaming, podcasts, digital radio services, satellite radio...

One Part TV, One Part Digital: How Nielsen Jiggers Total Audience

As Nielsen pushes its “total audience” measurement system as the new currency for a hybrid TV and video advertising marketplace, some fundamental issues remain -- especially the fact that Nielsen will effectively be adding many more sources of video viewing to the measured universe, and consequently, will fragment the TV/video advertising marketplace beyond anything Madison Avenue has experienced to date.