Viewers pay more attention to Connected TV ads

Author: Advanced Television.

YuMe, a provider of digital video brand advertising, has released a report measuring ad attention by comparing the actual time a viewer’s eyes were tracked watching an ad against the total time the ad was viewable for connected TV, desktop and mobile campaigns. The study concludes that viewers pay attention to a higher proportion of ads on connected TV, and connected TV ads deliver higher brand metrics.

“Connected TV’s natural full-screen experience lends itself to highly viewable ads, as it emulates the traditional broadcast and cable TV experience,” said Michael Hudes, Chief Revenue Officer, YuMe. “Consumers not only pay more attention to CTV ads, but they are also viewed for longer amounts of time. Given the high recall, strong purchase intent metrics and growing reach, marketers must consider CTV as part of their multi-screen strategies to achieve maximum brand ROI.”

Key takeaways from the study include:

Overall pre-roll ad attention is highest on connected TV. Eye tracking showed 89 per cent of a connected TV pre-roll ad is viewed, compared to 81 per cent on mobile and 78 per cent on desktop.

Unaided ad recall is highest on connected TV. Pre-roll ad recall for connected TV was 73 per cent recall, compared to 69 per cent on mobile and 65 per cent on desktop.

Almost every connected TV ad meets IAB/MRC (Media Rating Council) Viewability standard for viewability. 98 per cent of all CTV ads tested exceeded the minimum mobile viewable display advertising impression standard of 2 seconds and 50 per cent of ad in view.

Time spent viewing an ad correlates with overall brand lift. Over all devices and ad formats tested, length of viewing time correlated with higher recall and purchase intent.

YuMe’s multi-screen viewability report is based on a consumer behaviour study commissioned with Nielsen to understand the differences in actual visual attention paid to ads across different devices and platforms. The report evaluates whether viewing duration can be correlated with brand metrics, including recall and favourability.