Want to save money? Listen to your pet.

Dogs can detect a storm miles before it hits. Their sense of smell is anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times stronger than a human’s. And their ears, well let’s just say, while in a deep sleep on their cushy dog bed, they can still hear the tiny seal of a treat bag opening.

Cats can see things that our eyes cannot. Their whiskers can sense the smallest change to their environment. And of course, they are all born with nine lives. So while we may think we are absolutely superior to our furry friends, there are quite a few things they can teach us.

In our latest campaign for 1800PETMEDS, we embrace this fact and let our pets show us the way to easy savings. Yes, by going straight to petmeds.com, all pet owners can enjoy an exclusive discount on flea, heartworm and any other medication they may need. It’s a message that matches our objective of driving consumers directly to their website.

So listen to your pets and their savvy financial advice. As they’d tell you, “the more you save on medications, the more extra money you’ll have” for catnip, tennis balls and bacon-flavored bones.