Understanding the impact of TV on other channels


Every marketer knows that TV Advertising has an impact on other channels. It shapes your SEO. It influences direct mail response. It even affects click-through rates for your email campaigns. However, a big question remains:

How can I quantify this impact?

A common way to help answer this question is through a media mix analysis. This approach digs through a ton of data, evaluating the impact all channels have on each other to help marketers make more informed decisions on channel mix. Unfortunately, a media mix analysis can be both expensive and time consuming.

If you’re looking for a faster, simpler first pass at solving this challenge, you may want to look at Addressable TV. We’ve found that Addressable TV offers a great first step in determining TV’s impact on sales through other channels.

To explain in greater detail how it works, here’s an example of a test we conducted.

For this specific client, a direct to consumer marketer, we started by identifying and building a list of strong prospects based on first party data. We took this list, and through Addressable TV, we aired our TV commercial to a percentage of those households. The remaining group of households (our control) did not see the TV commercial. After the flight ended and overall sales matured, we then compared the difference between households exposed to our TV message and those that were not.

What did we learn? In households who received the TV message, there was a 15% increase in sales through other channels. These incremental sales came primarily from digital channels followed by customer service programs, direct mail and other initiatives.

Additionally, these incremental sales assisted by Addressable TV were as much as 30% more valuable than those sales coming directly through the DRTV response channels. Incremental sales are a good thing. Incremental sales that are 30% more profitable – now, that’s a great thing!

Marketers always have and always will ask the question, “What advertising is working and what’s not?” To properly evaluate this important question, you must take into account one media channel’s impact on another. This is especially true in today’s expansive, yet connected media world. Addressable TV can offer an easy and swift first step on your path to an answer.